Born and raised in Bologna, I moved to Milan to study Management for arts, culture and communication, to then specialize in heritage management and cultural policies, which are my two great passions together with politics and information spheres.

After an experience in a contemporary art gallery, I challenged myself on a new adventure, in the event and communication field. In Elastica, in fact, I manage speakers’ agendas and I develop new business paths and cultural projects; a great part of my job happens in English and Spanish, two beloved languages that I learnt while living in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam.

In the last seven years, I spent every summer in Tuzla, a city in Bosnia Herzegovina which I am very bound to. There, together with my volunteering team, we carry on a project with children from marginalized contexts, playing and learning together. Always focused on finding interesting opportunities and passionate about Latin America and African dances, I really love to travel every time I can and to keep engaging in new, uncharted territories.