Tommaso Labate

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Born in 1979, and an Inter Milan fan, and has worked as a journalist since he was twenty-three.

He started his career at “Riformista”, writing about politics, society and customs and moved to Il Corriere della Sera in 2012, where he currently writes a weekly column for the newspaper’s “Io Donna” magazine, and presents a program he created entitled #Corrierelive on the newspaper’s website, featuring guests from the fields of Italian politics and culture. On the TV channel La 7, together with David Parenzo, he presents the daily current affairs analysis programmes “In Onda” and “Fuori Onda.” He also presents “Non è un paese per giovani” on the Rai Radio Due with Massimo Cervelli. 

His books include I rassegnati. L’irresistibile inerzia dei quarantenni [The Resigned. The Irresistible Inertia of 40-Year-Olds] (Rizzoli, 2018), Interista Social Club. Viaggio al termine delle nostre notti insonni nell’anno dello scudetto [Interista Social Club. Journey to the End of Our Sleepless Nights in the Year of the Scudetto] (Mondadori, 2021) and Ultima fermata. Il grande intrigo della politica italiana [House of Mandolino. How intrigue overtook italian politics] (Solferino, 2022).

He speaks on politics, economics, society and major current issues. Labate is often invited to moderate events, corporate conventions and cultural meetings.

Toto ministri – Tommaso Labate – Le Parole – 08/10/2022