Tiziana Panella

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Born in Naples in 1968, she started working at a young age with newspapers such as Il Giornale di Napoli, Il Mattino and Visto. She began working in local radio in 1990, and in 1994 moved to Rai.

She has worked on programs such as “I fatti vostri” (Rai 2), “Indagine” and “Chi l’ha visto?” (Rai 3), for which she covered the war in Kosovo. In 1995, following her reportage from Mozambique, she published her first book: Le parole della fame [Words of Hunger] with Baldini & Castoldi.
From 2000-2001 she worked on Rai 2 with Michele Santoro on the programs “Il Raggio Verde” and “Sciuscià”. In September 2001, she moved to La7, where she worked with Susanna Schimperna on the program “Orlando”.

She has been an anchor on many La7 programs, including “Le vite degli altri”, “Omnibus Weekend”, and “Life and Coffee Break”.

Tagada’ 03/06/2022