Stefano Quintarelli

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Serial entrepreneur and former professor of information systems, network services and security, Quintarelli is the founder of I.NET, the first Italian Internet Provider, and played a major role in creating and developing the Italian Internet ecosystem.

He is a member of both Bollati e Boringhieri and the Leonardo Foundation’s Scientific Committees, a recurrent contributor to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Agency for Digital Italy, member of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, member of the Steering Committee of the UN-Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and Chairman of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies for Trade and Transport for the United Nations (CEFACT).

Quintarelli was president of the committee for the Agency for Digital Italy, was a member of Italian Parliament in the XVII legislature, a member of the Commission for Internet Rights and Duties for the Chamber of Deputies, and leader of the Parliamentary Intergroup for Technological Innovation.

He has written numerous articles and statements and spoken at many conferences on digital technology, regulation and competition.

Stefano Quintarelli al WMF 2022 – Identità digitale e Innovazione