Stefano Costa

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Born in 1982, Costa has always lived between the Oltrepò Pavese and Liguria’s Levante coast. Having spent his time, since childhood, between these two small yet vastly different worlds, without his heart resting in just one of them, he fell in love with the stories that take shape in both: stories of people, of animals, of houses, of threads, of objects found again in new places. Like in life, he always found things in places he wasn’t sure he left them.

And since childhood he felt the need to follow them, these stories, follow them even after they seemed finished, concluded, exhausted–even after the person was no longer there to answer the doorbell, after that house or that balcony was left to the wind. Even after only objects were left.

So he studied literature and philology at Pavia, worked for micro- and macro publishers, and today is an editor, copy-editor, and writer. And he learned to translate those stories to the page, whether taking care of others’ books or writing his own. His first novel, Il primo giorno d’autunno al mondo [The First Autumn Day on Earth] was published in 2020 by Il Saggiatore.

He still lives between Oltrepò Pavese and the Levante coast, and still writes about these places. And no, he hasn’t yet understood why life sometimes has to be picked up from where you didn’t think you left it.