Silvia Zanella

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She has 20 years of experience in multinationals operating as Director of Marketing, Communications and Digital HR, and currently holds an international role as Employee Experience Leader for a large consulting firm.

She is the author of the books Il futuro del lavoro è femmina: Come lavoreremo domani [The Future of Work is Female: How We’ll Be Working Tomorrow] (Bompiani, 2020), Digital recruiter: Social networks, AI, gamification e strumenti tech per i professionisti HR [Digital Recruiter: Social Networks, AI, Gamification and Tech for HR Specialists] (FrancoAngeli 2019), Personal branding per l’azienda: Valorizzare l’azienda posizionando le sue persone chiave [Personal Branding for Companies: Strengthening the Company Through Personnel Positioning] (Hoepli, 2019), Guida al Lavoro [Guide to Working] (Mondadori 2009).

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