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A graduate of DAMS in Bologna, Riccardo Iacona made his debut in cinema as an assistant director before joining RAI in 1988, where he worked for many years alongside Michele Santoro on major television programs including Samarcanda, Il Rosso e il Nero and Temporeale. Creator and director of numerous news programs including W l’Italia, in 2008 he made La guerra infinita, the reporting series on the conflicts in Kosovo and Afghanistan, and then returned to star in Raitre’s evening schedule with Presa Diretta, which he has written and hosted since 2009.

From climate change to the justice system, the world of health care to the country’s political agenda, Riccardo Iacona is the writer and director of reportages that investigate Italy in its most diverse facets and return a sharp and honest picture. For his investigations, he has won the Ilaria Alpi Award five times.

Recent books include Palazzo dell’ingiustizia [Palace of Injustice] (Marsilio, 2018) and Mai più eroi in corsia [Never Again Heroes in the Lane] (Piemme, 2020).

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