Raffaele Alberto Ventura

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After studies in philosophy and cultural management, he moved to Paris, where he worked for a decade doing marketing and digital marketing for Gallimard, one of the largest French publishing houses.

In 2017, he published Teoria della classe disagiata [Theory of the Disadvantaged Class] with Minimum Fax, one of the most acclaimed debuts in recent years, and was invited to present the book all over Italy in bookstores, festivals, universities and televisions.

He contributed to the anthology The Game Unplugged in collaboration with Alessandro Baricco, and in 2019 published La guerra di tutti. Populism, Terror and the Crisis of Liberal Society (Minimum Fax), in 2020 the book Radical Choc. Rise and Fall of the Competent (Einaudi), and in 2022 he participated in UTET’s anthology Non si può dire niente più? On the Topic of Cancel Culture.

Over the years, he has written for Wired, Il Foglio, Esquire, Rivista Studio, Il Magazine de Il Sole 24 Ore, Repubblica, La Stampa‘s cultural supplement Tuttolibri, and the Harvard Business Review, as well as having participated in the launch of the European website Le Grand Continent together with the Groupe d’études géopolitiques of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Today he writes for the daily newspaper Il Domani and the French magazine Esprit.

The rapper Marracash and the group The Ministers have cited him among their sources of inspiration. The Censis Annual Report 2021 makes extensive use of his theories, describing a society that has entered into a cycle of diminishing returns, subject to the erosion of family wealth and characterized by a strong propensity for irrationality. A play was also adapted from the book, titled Theory of the Disadvantaged Class.

Topics covered in his books and speeches include the history of ideas (philosophy) and cultural history (film, comics, pop), marketing and sociology (cultural construction of needs), generational question (millennials), civilizational crisis (economics, populism, discomfort, ecology), sociology of organizations (dysfunction, distortions, irrationality, etc.), philosophy of risk and security, and contemporary languages.

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