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Soldà graduated in 1999 from Ca’Foscari University and then continued his studies in Philosophy with a Research Doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Umberto Galimberti.

In 2002 he began collaborating with RAI Radio 3 for the international politics programme “Radio3Mondo”. Once more on RAI Radio 3, since 2011 he has been the voice and writer of “Tutta la città ne parla” [“Talk of the Town”], a programme which discusses a current-affairs topic requested by listeners, which has won the international Flaiano Prize in 2018. He analyzes key political, economic and cultural issues every day, bringing together the most up-to-date information with culture, psychology and philosophy.

He has contributed to National Geographic Italia, Il Venerdì di Repubblica and Specchio de La Stampa as well as teaching at La Sapienza University in Rome, Ca’Foscari University in Venice and Carlo Bo University in Urbino.

He is the author of Il demone della politica [A Demon in Politics] (Apogeo 2007), and in 2018 published Non solo di cose d’amore. Noi Socrate e la ricerca della felicità [Not Just Love: Us, Socrates, and the Search for Happiness] (Marsilio, 5 editions). The book, which won the Libraries of Rome Prize in 2018, and is a philosophical journey, open to everyone, into the roots of contemporary unhappiness: loneliness and social isolation, narcissism, excessive individualism and competition, conformism, debasement of laws and institutions, the supremacy of money and the desire for wealth, and the contradictions of democracy regarding inequality and populism.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of these subjects, he is often invited to take part in conferences at schools, companies, associations of psychologists and psychotherapists, local institutions, festivals and other cultural associations.

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