Pegah Moshir Pour

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Known in Italian homes for her February 2023 monologue about Iran and Iranian women, which she performed with Drusilla Foer on the stage of the Ariston Theater in Sanremo, Pegah Moshir Pour first developed a passion for human rights at a young age after experiencing a number of incidents firsthand, from seeing the morality police in action in Iran to being denied the right to participate in a school field trip.

These events made her realize the full importance of rights. After graduating with a degree in Construction Engineering-Architecture, she was drawn to activism, first becoming a student representative on the academic senate and board of trustees, and then collaborating on several international initiatives.

She focuses on third culture kids’ citizenship (RTC), digital citizenship and ethics, and is often called upon to speak on linguistic, digital, and women’s empowerment.

Partly because of her multicultural background, she approaches a range of topics with a naturally trans-disciplinary approach.

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