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After getting his physics degree, Massimo Temporelli won a scholarship that allowed him to develop the science track of the new educational laboratories of the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, where he worked for more than ten years. At the museum he first devoted himself to the design of educational laboratories and science exhibitions, then as director of the Communication Department.

Since 2010 he has dedicated himself to spreading the culture for innovation as a freelancer and entrepreneur. He is the president and founder of the innovative laboratory The FabLab. In the field of digital fabrication, he was academic director of the first Digital Fabrication course promoted by Samsung and delivered by IED Milan. He is also coordinator of the National Observatory for AICA. He is iProf on OilProject and teaches Anthropology and Sociology at IED Milan and Technological Platforms for Television at the Catholic University of Milan.

He is a consultant on science, technology, and innovation for all the major national radio shows. For TV, he has been involved as host, author, guest and science tutor within numerous programs including X Makers with Giovanni Muciaccia for DeaKids (SKY), Memex (Rai Scuola and on Rai 2) Detto Fatto (Rai 2) and ToolBox4, a program on robotics aired on Rai Scuola.

He writes for influential magazines including Wired, Millionaire, and Centodieci, and his latest books published with Hoepli include Innovatori. Come pensano le persone che cambiano il mondo [Innovators. How the People Who Change the World Think] (2015); 4 punto 0, fabbriche, professionisti e prodotti della Quarta rivoluzione industriale [4 point 0, Factories, Professionals and Products of the Fourth Industrial Revolution] (2017) and Leonardo Primo Designer (with Cristina Morozzi, 2019). He is the author and voice of “F***ing Genius”, the successful podcast with more than 1 million downloads, and inspired the book F***ing Genius, published in 2020 by Harper Collins. His latest book is We Are Technology (Mondadori, Blue Streets 2021).

His interests are not just technical: his activities focus mainly on the relationship between humans and technology. He gives lectures and seminars on innovation, digital culture and the history of technology in companies, high schools and universities; he participated as a speaker at TEDx in Florence in 2012 and Turin in 2020.

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