Marina Cuollo

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Born in Naples in 1981, Cuollo holds a degree in biology and a doctorate in biological and biomolecular research.

Her debut book A Disabilandia si tromba [Getting Laid in Disability-Land] was published by Sperling & Kupfer in 2017, and her debut novel Viola was published by Fandango in 2022. Cuollo was also a contributor for Anche questo è femminismo [This Too is Feminism] (Edizioni Tlon, 2021).

She writes for Vanity Fair, among numerous other publications.

In 2021 she co-hosted the Diversity Media Awards with Diego Passoni, and in 2022 took the stage at TEDxCuneo to tell, with her subtle irony, how the identity trap can harm marginalized populations.

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