Marco Albino Ferrari

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Albino Ferrari was the winner of the ITAS, Cortina, Gambrinus (two times), ANA Journalist of the Year, Pelmo d’Oro, and Majella awards. He edited the monthly Alp and in 2002 founded Meridiani Montagne, a magazine he edited until 2018. He writes for La Stampa, and for Il Corriere della Sera, he directed the “Storie di Montagna” series. Since 2022, he has been editorial director and head of the culture area of the Italian Alpine Club.

He has been an editorial consultant for Einaudi, and edited the “I Licheni” series for Vivalda. For Hoepli, he curates the series “Alpine Stars.” He is curator of the “Cast” museum housed in Masegra Castle in Sondrio, and has made several documentaries.

He is the author of numerous books, including Frêney 1961, re-released in numerous editions since 1996 (now by Ponte alle Grazie), In viaggio sulle Alpi [Touring the Alps] (Einaudi, 2009), La sposa dell’aria [Bride of the Air] (Feltrinelli, 2010), Alpi Segrete [Secret Alps], La via del lupo [The Wolf’s Path], and Montecristo (Letarza), Nel castello delle storie [In The Castle of Stories (Hoepli, 2019), La Via incantata [The Enchanted Road] and the award-winning Mia sconosciuta [My Mysterious One] (Ponte alle Grazie).

He has brought his theatrical monologues La neve dei rondini [The Snow of Swallows] and Frêney 1961 to stages all over Italy.

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