Marcello Di Paola

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A researcher in History of Contemporary Philosophy at University of Palermo’s Department of Humanities, his studies revolve around the philosophy of climate change, plants, gardens, cities, and extraterrestrial spaces, as well as the ethics, aesthetics and political theory of the Anthropocene, and the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza.

Di Paola is the author of Cambiamento climatico [Climate Change] (LUISS University Press 2015), Ethics and Politics of the Built Environment. Gardens of the Anthropocene (Springer, 2017), the editor of Plant Ethics: Concepts and Applications (Routledge, 2018), and co-author of the books Nell’Antropocene: etica e politica alla fine di un mondo [In the Anthropocene: Ethics and Politics at the End of the World] (DeriveApprodi 2018) and Etica e politica delle piante [Plant Ethics and Politics] (DeriveApprodi 2019).

He grows succulent plants professionally, and is the founder of Minima Urbania, a network dedicated to environmental education.

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