Mara Di Noia

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Born in Milan and with a Pugliese family background, Mara Di Noia’s passion for cooking is in her DNA. Shortly after beginning her veterinary studies, she first became a vegetarian and then a vegan, discovering the world of plant-based nutrition. With a degree from Martin Halsey’s La Sana Gola School, Di Noia is a nutritional consultant and a respected reference in the food and wellness sector. She engages a global social media following with courses on nutritional health, private consulting, recipes, and grocery shopping tips, all designed for those seeking a healthier form of cooking. Di Noia merges her love of cooking, educational activities, and interest in complementary medicine, which she continues to deepen her knowledge of alongside her work.

Di Noia has written numerous books on nutrition, health, and plant-based cooking. She’s a radio host for the web show Radio Monte Carlo and is often a guest on other radio and TV shows, bringing her ideas and passion for health and natural cures. A passionate writer, she has written four novels and two recent collections of poetry.