Luca De Biase

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Innovation editor at Il Sole 24 Ore and Nova24, which he founded and led from 2005 to 2011 and then from 2013, Luca De Biase covers technological innovation, territorial development, rights and duties on the use of the internet, the world of innovative startups and the knowledge economy.

He is a professor of Knowledge Management at Informatica Umanistica at the University of Pisa, of Journalistic Method at the master’s degree in science communication at Sissa in Trieste, and of Media Ecology at the master’s degree in innovation at Sant’Anna and Stanford University. From 2007 to 2012, he taught courses at the Master of Public Affairs at Sciences Po, Paris. He is director of the Imminent Center for Research on the Economics of Language Services. He is director of the Media Ecology Research network at Reimagine-Europe in Brussels.

Currently Member of the Mission Assembly for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities for the European Commission. He was a member of the Working Group on the phenomenon of online hate, established by the Ministries of Technological Innovation and Digitization and Justice, and undersecretary for Publishing. He was a member of the permanent table for innovation and the Italian Digital Agenda and was a member of the Commission on Guarantees, Rights and Duties for Internet Use at the Chamber of Deputies. He worked with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development on a task force dedicated to improving the ecosystem of innovative startups and was a member of the mission unit for the Prime Minister on the Italian Digital Agenda. A co-founder of the ItaliaStartup association, he was president of Ahref Foundation, a research center on information quality in social media.

He is regularly invited to speak internationally, including at the OECD in Paris, the StsForum in Kyoto, the Mit-MediaLab in Cambridge Massachusetts, the Institute of Italian Culture in Brussels and Paris, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Falling Walls in Berlin.

He is the author of Il lavoro del futuro [The Work of the Future] (Codice, 2018) and Eppur s’innova. Viaggio alla ricerca del modello Italiano  [And Still They Innovated: Journey in Search of the Italian Model (Luiss University Press, 2022).

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