Lorenzo Gasparrini

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Throughout Gasparrini’s studies in philosophy, his doctorate and academic career in several universities in central Italy, he met texts and figures from various feminisms, and began a path of deep personal criticism. Afterwards, he devoted himself to popularizing gender issues, especially for male audiences, and to teach on those same topics.

He conducts seminars, workshops and laboratories in universities, social centers, companies, schools, unions, professional orders, and self-organized groups; he is also a regular contributor to both specialist and general audience magazines, both online and in print.

In print: Toxic Masculinity in This is Feminism Too (TLON 2021), Why Men Need Feminism Too (Eris 2020), NO. On Rejection as a Male Problem (Effequ 2019), I am not sexist, but… Sexism in Contemporary Language (TLON 2019), Becoming Men: Male relationships without oppression (Settenove, 2016; new edition in 2020), We will warm ourselves by the fire of your straw tails. Why so many men are afraid of feminisms (D Editore, 2023), Can Boys Be Feminists? (settenove, 2023) and Philosophy: Singular Masculine (Tlon, 2024).

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