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Born in 1990, Baravalle graduated from a classical studies high school, hosted a local radio program, and worked in general warehouses in São Paulo, Brazil, before eventually getting a degree in political and social communication.

While in college, he founded DuDag.com, a virtual marketplace for first-time writers. Through the platform he helped launch Calvino Prize finalists and writers who went on to publish with major publishing houses, including Mondadori.

In addition to his startup work, Lorenzo produces a YouTube/Facebook video series called TrashTalkerz, narrating the American NBA from his couch at home. The series soon became a cult hit and point of reference in the Italian basketball scene, so much so that now it hosts internationally renowned players, commentators and pundits from SkySport. It is also the only YouTube channel to be credited press for the Turin Pre-Olympic Tournament.

On TrashTalkerz, Lorenzo gives free rein to his authorial impulses, writing and launching over 20 different formats, including “I racconti del Baraonda,” [“The Baraonda Tales”], which would later become a project in its own right, in which Lorenzo links sports storytelling to a different theme each time: from the writing of David Foster Wallace, to the epic of Alexander the Great, to the revolution of Albert Einstein, in a sort of ante litteram podcast, continually redefining the format. .

But his startup mentality and thirst for innovation didn’t stop there. In 2015, he founded MDPtech, a company dedicated to emergency vehicle control, and patented UILI, a steering wheel control for emergency functions, which Grant Thornton elected as one of the three best Italian innovations of 2020.

Nor did his passion for storytelling stop. In 2021, he hatched the idea for “Qui Si Fa L’Italia”, a podcast produced by Spotify to recount the various moments that marked a before and after in contemporary Italian history. His co-host and co-writer on the podcast is Lorenzo Pregliasco, a political analyst and one of Italy’s leading experts on political communication.

With the success of “Qui Si Fa L’Italia,” he toured the Italian peninsula with a live events series, enriching the podcast with images, videos and a freer narrative.

He writes for Outpump magazine, a digital magazine and semi-annual print pop culture magazine widely followed by young and very young people, and teaches courses in writing and audio content production in high schools.

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