Irene Soave

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Born in Savigliano (CN) in 1984, she holds a degree in Communications from Turin. She lives and works in Milan.

Soave has been an editor at Corriere della Sera since 2017: first at 7, and now at Foreign Affairs. Before that: Vanity Fair and Ansa. She is passionate about Russia, Eastern Europe and Germany (where she used to live, a lifetime ago).

She is building an archive of etiquette books, love letters, and articles on customs from the period of Italy’s unification to ‘68.
So far, two books have come out of it: Galateo per ragazze da marito [Manners for Marriage-Worthy Girls] (Bompiani, 2019) which later became a Storytel audiobook narrated by Soave herself. And Camilla, la Cederna, e le altre [Camilla, the Cederna and Everyone Else] (Bompiani, 2021).

On social media, in podcasts, and at live events she speaks about the feelings, canons, and revolutions that shake up today’s society.

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