Greta Cristini

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A former anti-corruption lawyer in the United States, Cristini is back in Italy after eight years of studying and working abroad between Paris, Brussels, and New York.

Cristini has reported freelance from Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, focusing mainly on military and politico-diplomatic issues. In particular, she covered the shelling and civilian life in Kharkiv in March 2022, the battles in Donbas in Sjevjerodonec’k in April and May of the same year and in Bakhmut in February-March 2023. Her reporting has been featured on radio, TV, and web broadcasts for La7, Rai, Mediaset, and GEDI, and she keeps her Instagram community constantly updated.

In April 2023, she published her first book for Piemme entitled Geopolitica. Capire il mondo in guerra. [Geopolitics: Understanding the World at War] with a foreword by Lucio Caracciolo, in a combination of geopolitical war analysis with journalistic fieldwork. The book was presented at the Library of the Chamber of Deputies under the auspices of the Presidency.

She conducts wide-ranging geopolitical interviews with top Ukrainian government officials for Limes, as well as with top diplomatic, military, and expert leaders. Institutional figures interviewed so far in Kiev include presidential advisers Mykhajlo Podoljak and Oleksij Arestovyč, presidential representative for Crimea Tamila Tasheva, former Ukrainian parliament speaker Dmytro Razumkov, and former Russian State Duma deputy Il’ja Ponomarëv.

Cristini is a regular guest on Italian radio, podcasts and TV as a commentator of international current events. She frequently gives seminars and lectures at universities, associations, political training schools and companies. She also teaches Vatican geopolitics at Link Campus University in Rome.

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