Giuseppe Stigliano

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An entrepreneur, manager, keynote speaker and lecturer at multiple international universities and business schools, Stigliano is CEO of Spring Studios, leading a team of more than 300 talents with offices in London, New York, Milan, and Paris. Prior to his current position, he spent nine years at WPP as CEO of Wunderman Thompson Italy, and he was Executive Director Europe for AKQA. He previously co-founded two startups and holds a PhD in Economics and Marketing, studying between the US and Europe. A point-person for young entrepreneurs, he works as a lecturer in Retail Marketing and Business and Innovation for important international universities and business schools.

Stigliano is the co-author with the international guru Philip Kotler of the bestseller Retail 4.0. 10 Regole per l’Era digitale [Retail 4.0: 10 Rules for the Digital Era] (Mondadori, 2018), which has already been translated in five languages and sold over 30,000 copies worldwide, as well as (with contributions from Riccardo Pozzoli) Onlife Fashion. 10 regole per un mondo senza regole [Onlife Fashion: Ten Rules for the Future of High-End Fashion] (Hoepli, 2021).

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