Giulia Blasi

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Born in Pordenone in 1972, Blasi earned a degree in Translation from SSLMIT in Trieste. An author, educator, lecturer and activist, she started #QuellaVoltaChe, the social campaign created to talk about sexual harassment and abuse that briefly preceded the #MeToo explosion. She has worked as a writer and TV host for the channel Rai Futura, and for Radio 1 hosted the programs “Hashtag Radio 1” and “120 Things.”

A successful author, her books include the short story collection Nudo d’uomo con calzino [Nude of A Man With a Sock] (Einaudi Stile Libero, 2009), the young adult novels Il mondo prima che arrivassi tu [The World Before You] and Siamo ancora tutti vivi [We’re All Still Alive] (Mondadori, 2010 and 2013), and Se basta un fiore (Piemme, 2017). Her book Manuale per ragazze rivoluzionarie – Perché il femminismo ci rende felici [Handbook for Revolutionary Girls – Why Feminism Makes Us Happy] (Rizzoli, 2018) is now considered a pivotal work for an entire generation of young feminists. It was followed by Rivoluzione Z – Diventare adulti migliori con il femminismo [Revolution Z: Becoming Better Adults with Feminism] (Rizzoli, 2020) and Brutta – Storia di un corpo come tanti [Ugly: History of a Body Like Many] (Rizzoli, 2021), a collection of monologues on aesthetic pressures and the obligation of beauty.

She holds the Chair of Style and History of Art and Costume at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies in Rome.

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