Giovanna Pancheri

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Born in Rome in 1980, Giovanna Pancheri began her career at Rai and in the print and communication sectors at the World Trade Center Association in New York, the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Paris, and as a Policy Officer for the European Youth Forum in Brussels. A reporter for Sky TG24 since 2005, she was their European correspondent in Brussels from 2009 to 2016, covering the recession and migration from major countries in crisis, alongside many of the major political events worldwide, from Brexit to the French elections, from news in Germany to the United Kingdom, from the diplomatic approach to crises in Georgia, Libya, and Ukraine, to the terrorist attacks in France and Belgium.

From 2016 to 2020 she was correspondent for Sky TG24 for North America, based in New York, and returning to Italy in January 2021.

Her books include Il buio su parigi. Oltre la cronaca nei giorni del terrore [Darkness over Paris. Going deeper than the news in days of terror] (Rubbettino 2017), Rinascita americana. La nazione di Donald Trump e la sfida di Joe Biden [American Rebirth: Donald Trump’s Nation and Joe Biden’s Defiance] (Sem 2021) and L’impero americano. Storia della politica estera USA da Panama all’Ucrainia [The American Empire. History of US foreign policy from Panama to Ukraine] (Solferino, 2023).

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