Gianluca Galletto

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Galletto worked for over 30 years in New York City in the financial sector, with a degree from Yale and before that Bocconi University in Milan. Upon the election of Mayor Bill de Blasio, he transitioned to New York City administration, holding several positions in government including leading foreign trade.

He is the founder and president of DG Advisors and principal of Global Futures Group, a firm that assists public and private clients in creating smart, sustainable urban communities founded on innovative ecosystems with public-private partnership dynamics. Until recently, he was also the general manager for technology partnerships for the Office of the President of the New York City Housing Authority, the city’s largest residential landlord, with more than 600,000 tenants.

Currently, he is Senior Advisor for North America to the CEO of IBIS Power, a company that created the revolutionary Powernest energy solution. He also advises companies and startups on entering the U.S. market, and works with local and national governments and private entities such as Lendlease (Milan Innovation District), Amundi, The European House-Ambrosetti, the Office of the Mayor of New York City, the World Bank, the Partnership for NYC, and the administrations of Amsterdam, Vienna, and Barcelona.

Passionate about innovation, sustainability, startups, and venture capital, he is regularly called to speak at major international conferences, and collaborates with news media such as Crain’s, RaiNews 24, TG1 Special, CNBC(USA) and La Repubblica.

Galletto is the author of Viva New York (Paesi Edizioni, 2023), a nonfiction book with a foreword by former Big Apple mayor Bill De Blasio, in which he recounts the new reality of New York City as capital of the West and melting-pot city par excellence; as a progressive city, with a majority of women at the top of decision-making centers; as a city  of innovative regulation; and as an attractive investment hub that has in many cases surpassed Silicon Valley as the center of world innovation.

Gianluca Galletto introducing Mayor de Blasio at Smart Cities New York