Giampiero Marrazzo

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Born in Rome in 1979, he got his start over twenty years ago at the news agency Adnkronos, covering crime and politics, before dedicating himself to investigative journalism and in-depth reportage. After a range of experiences in radio, print, and web journalism, he moved to television. He has worked interchangeably as an anchor, reporter, and correspondent, first for Mediaset, and currently for Rai.

At thirty-one, he directed the digital edition of the newspaper Avanti!, and went on to found and direct Futuro Quotidiano.

He is the author of the investigative book recounting the DC9 Itavia plane crash, Sopra e Sotto il Tavolo. Cosa accadde quella notte nei cieli di Ustica [Above and Below the Table: What Happened That Night in the Skies of Ustica.] (Tullio Pironti editore, 2010), as well as the report-interview on the First Italian Republic, Respubblica (Castelvecchi, 2017).

In 2020, he began leading the Rai 3 program “Il Posto Giusto,” a weekly news and investigative program focusing on labor, social politics, markets, with the support of the Ministry of Labor and ANPAL.

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