Gaia Tortora

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Gaia Tortora got her professional start at Teleroma56, Rome’s historic station where for years she hosted both the news and the program “Ask the Mayor,” and produced reports for the program “Funari Live.”

In 1998, she moved to Italia News Network, Telepiù’s all-news satellite channel, where she lead daily news, the in-depth current events show “Paralleli,” and the weekly segment “Dentro la notizia” [Inside the News], featuring the biggest names of journalism.

In 2003, she joined the news agency Adnkronos, producing news, current affairs, sports and political reports. From 2003 to 2005 she was also a journalist at Enel Web TV, the company’s employee television show, where she covered energy and economics.

This multipronged path gave her 360 degrees of preparation in the world of information, and in 2005 she opened the doors of La7 where she began to deal with the press review and then moved on to produce “Omnibus,” an information and in-depth talk show with columns, guests and debate on the main themes of current political events.

In 2023 she published Testa alta, e Avanti [Head up, and forward] (Mondadori), a book on her personal story.
Omnibus 10/06/2022
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