Ettore Francesco Sequi

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After earning a degree in Political Science with a specialization in Islamology and multilateral negotiation, in 1985 Sequi embarked on a diplomatic career of prestigious posts in Italy and abroad, including as a representative for the European Union.

Abroad, he was a consul in Tehran, Permanent Representative of Italy to the UN in New York, the Deputy Chief of Missions in Tirana, and Ambassador of Italy in Kabul. He also served as the European Union Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan and returned to Tirana as the Head of the European Union Delegation to Albania.

In 2015, he was promoted to the highest rank of Ambassador and appointed Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. In Rome, his positions have included Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and served as chief of staff to three different Foreign Ministers.

Presently, he is vice-president of SACE SpA, a company in the insurance-financial sector lead by the Ministry of Economy and Finance; Director of the Treccani Geopolitical Atlas; chief of the Italian branch of the Board of Governmental Representatives of Einstein Telescope, the research infrastructure dedicated to future gravitational wave detection, which will have global scientific and technological impact. He is also Secretary General of ECAM (European Corporate Council on Africa and the Middle East), and in April 2023 he became chairman of Sorgenia SpA, Italy’s first green-tech energy company.

Sequi has received many honors, including the Knight of the Great Cross in the Order of Merit for the Italian Republic, Knight of the Order of Isabella la Cattolica in Spain, and the Gold Medal of the Order of Ghazi Mir Bacha Khan for his “great contribution to peace and security in Afghanistan.” In 2012, he received the Giuseppe Dossetti Peace Prize.

He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish, and proficient in Arabic.

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