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Born in 1967, his books have been translated in dozens of countries and have earned him many prestigious awards and unanimous international recognition. More than sixty short films have been born from his stories.

Pizzeria Kamikaze, Gaza Blues, Le tette di una diciottenne, Un hiccup ai limiti della galassia, all published by Feltrinelli, are some of the titles that made him known to the Italian public, and with the book All’improvviso bussano alla porta, he received the honor of Chevalier des Lettres et des Arts in France.

He has also received numerous awards for his contributions in film: 2007 with his wife Shira Geffen he won the Camera d’Or award from the Cannes Film Festival for the film Jellyfish and the best director award from the French Artists and Writers’ Guild; in 2020 the miniseries The Middleman co-written and co-directed by Keret & Geffen won the best screenplay award at the La Rochelle television drama festival in France.

In 2020 he produced, together with Israeli dancer and choreographer Inbal Pinto Outised – A Covid-19 fairytale, a short film about real-life difficulties during the pandemic.

He lives in Tel Aviv and teaches at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

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