Ester Viola

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​Born in Sondrio almost by chance but actually from Campania, Ester Viola earned a law degree from Federico II University in Naples. In 2014, after earning a master’s in economics, she moved to Milan to embark on a career as a lawyer, focusing mainly on labor law while studying family law and protection of personal rights.

She has combined law and writing ever since her university days: in fact, her advice column started on the pages of Corriere del Mezzogiorno, the Neapolitan edition of Corriere della Sera, and then landed on the pages of the most important women’s weeklies.

L’amore è eterno finché non risponde [Love is Eternal When It’s Silent] (2016) is her debut as a writer, followed by Gli spaiati [The Uncoupled] in 2018 and Voltare pagina [Turning the Page] in 2023, titles released by Einaudi.

Ester collaborates with Il Foglio, Il Corriere della Sera, IO Donna, Cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair, and teaches writing at the Holden School.

She also writes for radio and TV. In 2022, she wrote and hosted with Simonetta Sciandivasci the program “MiTo” on RadioUno, and in 2023 she collaborated with Loretta Goggi on the program “Benedetta Primavera,” which aired on Rai Uno.

She is invited by companies and trade associations for training projects and courses.

She specializes in social media guidelines, and speaks about social presence,  possible problematic implications, new sensitivities, the risks of misuse of the web and how they can be addressed, curbed or better avoided by companies through the adoption of an efficient social media policy. She also leads corporate policy projects on Diversity & Inclusion, and advises on achieving a Gender Equality Certification. For trade associations, she also speaks on issues related to the new labor market crisis, from “the great resignation” to “quiet quitting” to new work-life balance requirements.

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