Elisa Palazzi

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A graduate in Physics with a PhD in Physics-Based Modeling for Environmental Protection, Elisa Palazzi is currently associate professor at University of Turin where she teaches Climate Physics.

She specializes in the study of climate and its effect on mountain regions, at the frontlines of climate change.

With Federico Taddia, she co-wrote the children’s book Perché il mondo ha la febbre? [Why Does the Earth Have a Fever?] (Editoriale Scienza, 2019) and the climate podcast Bello Mondo [Wonderful World] (Spotify, 2022). She is co-author of Siamo tutti Greta [We Are All Greta] (Daedalus Editions, 2022) with Sara Moraca. 

Palazzi does science outreach at national festivals, conferences, and school visits, for all levels and ages.

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