Edoardo Vigna

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Vigna joined Corriere della Sera in 1995 and worked for many years on the editorial staff of its weekly edition Sette, to which he contributed reportages, investigations, interviews and cover stories and where today he writes the international politics column “Leadership.”

Now editor-in-chief at Corriere della Sera, he runs Pianeta 2030, a multi-format space dedicated to sustainability and the environment. He coordinates and implements the monthly magazine of the same name, the online channel within Corriere.it, the “Climate and Environment” newsletter sent to readers every Wednesday, and dedicated events, starting with the by-now traditional marathon for World Environment Day. He also writes the blog Globalist for corriere.it

In 2020 he published the book Vendetta pubblica. Il carcere in Italia [Public Revenge: Prison in Italy] (Laterza, now in its second reprint) together with magistrate and President of the Supervisory Court of Florence, Marcello Bortolato. He wrote Europa. La meglio gioventù [Europe: The Best of Youth] (Neri Pozza, 2019) and Sette mesi di Berlusconi [Seven Months of Berlusconi] (Ediesse, 2001) an X-ray of the first government experience of the founder of Forza Italia written with colleague Enrico Marro. He has also published a book of fables entitled Le emozioni raccontate da orsi, rondini e farfalle [The Emotions Told by Bears, Swallows and Butterflies] (North-South Editions, 2019).

He teaches at the Master’s in Journalism at the Walter Tobagi School of the Università di Milano.

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