Corinna De Cesare

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De Cesare covered macroeconomics and labor for the historic paper, as well as reporting on-the-ground from Brussels for European elections and Athens during the 2015 crisis, before eventually specializing in gender issues and violence against women.

In 2019, she founded ThePeriod, a newsletter with over 12,000 subscribers. The newsletter is cited by countless writers, journalists and activists, and quickly becoming a groundbreaking new voice on the Italian literary scene.

De Cesare is a recurring guest on Lilli Gruber’s TV program Otto e mezzo. She published her debut novel in 2021 with Salani, Ciao per sempre [Bye Forever]. She followed up with the book Notes for My Girls: Bodies, Sex, Rights, Ambition. Putting a Period on the Male Gaze in Narration, published with Fabbri in 2022.

She uses social media to bring a feminist lens to news and media, breaking down the processes that reinforce sexism, mysogyny, ageism, and gender discrimination in society.

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