Chiara Alessi

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Alessi is the author of After 2000: New Italian Design (Laterza, 2014), Designerless Design (Laterza, 2016), My Great-Grandparents Coffee Pot (Utet, 2018), Dear Things: The Objects That Change Our Lives (Longanesi, 2021) and The State of Things (Longanesi, 2022). She is on the advisory board for Electa and edits their OILA’ series on women, which is part of the Twentieth Century Project.

In 2020 at the height of lockdown, Alessi created the #designinpigiama project on Twitter, sharing daily nuggets of Italian design history over the course of ninety episodes that gained millions of views.

Her film linked to the podcast “La mia Olivetti” [My Olivetti] won La Stampa’s Archivissima award.

For the Post she ran the podcasts Certe Cose [Certain Things] (2022) about object inventories from important moments in history over the past fifty years, and Cosa c’entra? [What does it have to do with it?] (2023) which starts from a fact to tell the apparently non-existent link with other things: physical things, graphic things, anonymous things, legendary things, things produced by culture or nature.

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