Alessio Viola

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Born in Rome in 1975, he began his career as a journalist with the print media. He started at a very young age as a contributor for several newspapers in Giorgio Dell’Arti’s editorial staff, writing about cars, politics, science, customs and entertainment for major dailies, weeklies and monthlies. These included Il Foglio, Sorrisi e Canzoni, Gente, GQ and L’Automobile.

In 2005 he arrived at Sky TG24 directed by Emilio Carelli, first as daytime anchor, then in prime time. He curates and presents the all news channel’s Press Review.

Today the leading face of Sky TG24, he conducts editions, specials, political marathons and in-depth reports. He follows for Sky the main events on costume, show business and music.
His are the specials where he has met great personalities including Gianni Morandi, Tiziano Ferro, Giorgia, Cesare Cremonini, Antonello Venditti, and Corrado Guzzanti.

He presented the 2010 edition of Earth Day live from Rome’s Circus Maximus. He participated in the after X Factor (Extra Factor) on Sky Uno in 2014 and then presented it solo with Mara Maionchi the following year.

A frequent guest on Propaganda Live, he is passionate about politics, TV, communication, and satire. He is widely followed on social media.

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