Alec Ross

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From 2008 to 2013, he worked with the U.S. State Department, first as Senior Advisor for Innovation for Hillary Clinton and later as Coordinator for the Technology & Media Policy Committee during Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

A former Senior Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University, he is currently Visiting Professor at Bologna Business School. Author of the best-selling The Industries of the Future, published by the New York Times, translated into 24 languages and named Book of the Year at the TriBeCa Film Festival. His next book, published in September 2021, chronicled the collision of governments, markets and citizens.

He is on the board of Amplo, a global venture capital firm specializing in technology, finance, education, human resources and cybersecurity.

For Feltrinelli, he published I furiosi anni venti. La guerra fra Stati, aziende e persone per un nuovo contratto sociale. [The Furious Twenties: The war between states, corporations and people for a new social contract].

Native English speaker, he speaks Italian fluently

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