Alberto Luca Recchi

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He graduated in law and began a career in finance but his passion for the sea had the upper hand over a life in business, and after 20 years of amateur research he decided to go professional and specialise in sharks and whales, which he films in the water during very close encounters.

He has published articles in some of the most important Italian and foreign magazines including: Venerdì, Specchio della Stampa, Focus and National Geographic. For years, he wrote a column about the sea for Panorama entitled “BLU”.

For 29 years, he has created a calendar considered “the Pirelli of the sea”, as well as a range of posters.

His photographs have been exhibited in prestigious locations in Italy, Switzerland and New York. In 2011, his exhibition “Squali” [Sharks] at Rome’s Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Milan’s Palazzo Reale had 300,000 visitors, and in 2016 his mixed art exhibition (photography and sculpture), entitled “Sexy Sharks” was held in the Art Building of New York.

His work in the field of popularisation has won him numerous awards, including the European Prize for the Environment in 1995. He was a guest of honour at the 2010 Earth Day concert at the Circus Maximus in Rome.

He has collaborated with SuperQuark and together with Piero Angela and Alberto Angela he has written: Dentro il Mediterraneo [In the Mediterranean] (Mondadori – 1995), Il Meraviglioso mondo del mare [The Wonderful World of the Sea] (Mondadori -1997), Squali [Sharks] (Mondadori-1997), Squali – un mistero da scoprire [Sharks: A Mystery to Discover] (Mondadori -1998), Mostri marini [Sea Monsters] (Mondadori 2001) and Requins (National Geographic).

He has also published Alla scoperta degli squali [Discovering Sharks] (2001) and Squali. Mito e realtà [Sharks: Myth and Reality] (Mondadori 2002)

In 2006 he brought his passion for the sea to some of the most important theatres in Italy, making his debut at Rome’s Teatro Sistina with the musical comedy “Squali-una storia vera e un sogno” and finishing the tour at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan.

He is a frequent guest on TV and radio programmes, talking about sharks, whales, the sea and ecology. He also holds conferences in theatres and raises awareness in schools.

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