Alberto Grandi

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A historian, Grandi seeks to show how innovation has always been a feature of success, and how the study, development, and improvement of products are fundamental factors of development, even in the agri-food sector: what we call traditions today were actually innovations that arrived at the right moment, that had success and began to change at exactly the time in which they became traditions.

He is a teacher of the History of Food, Business Simulation and the History of European Integration and Economics in Italy and overseas. He published the books Denominazione di origine inventata [Invented designation of origin] (2018) and Parla mentre mangi [Talk While You Eat] (2019) with Mondadori; while he published the nonfiction books L’incredibile storia della neve e della sua scomparsa [The incredible history of snow and its disappearance] (2022) and Storia delle nostre paure alimentari [History of our culinary fears] (2023) with Aboca Edizioni.

He is the creator of the podcast DOI – Denominazione di origine inventata [Invented designation of origin], in which he explains how historical research almost always contradicts the ancient origins of our culinary specialties, revealing how many recipes to which we attribute ancient roots… are, in fact, recent inventions.

He is also a main player in the cultural debate on lab-grown meat and on so-called novel food – the foods of the future based on insects, mushrooms and algae – and on the introduction of genetically modified organisms in the agri-food sector.

He speaks English fluently

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