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We are the agents of those who represent excellence in the world of information and knowledge.

We are the most important Speakers Bureau in Italy. The first agency in Italy with the intuition to develop management specially aimed at experts, public intellectuals, and journalists. From there we founded our Bestiary, a term referencing the medieval texts describing the ‘natures’ and ‘properties’ of creatures, which for us evokes the variety of approaches and outlooks of the figures with whom we choose to collaborate.

Our expert management practice brings a far-reaching gaze to all the spaces where our speakers can share their knowledge: from live events to TV, from relationships with publishers and all other media to sponsorships. We develop our speakers’ positioning continuously to help them bring their goals to fruition.

We are at our clients’ side in selecting voices and personalities in line with a brand’s focuses and values, drawing unlimited possibilities out of their portfolio.

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