Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

He is one of the top, most well-known Italian experts on international politics. He is the Director of ASERI (Alta Scuola di Economia e Relazioni Internazionali – Post-graduate School of Economics and International Relations) which he helped found more than 20 years ago, as well as a professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies at Cattolica University in Milan, a leader writer for Il Sole 24 Ore and a columnist for Panorama.

Vittorio Emanuele Parsi has always focused on changes to the international system since the end of the Cold War, from Italian foreign policy to security in the Middle East (see, in particular, Interesse nazionale e globalizzazione, published by Jaca Book in 1998, and L’alleanza inevitabile, Bocconi University, 2006, and Palgrave-Macmillan 2006).

Another constant theme of his research is the relationship between the market economy and political democracy, with particular focus on the issue of inequality (La fine dell’uguaglianza, Mondadori 2012).

His approach is always sharp and direct, and he has no patience with conformism. He tries never to avoid questions and issues, and believes strongly in the importance of fuelling public debate. As a result, he has often appeared on many different television and radio shows over the years.

In an attempt to “combine theory with practice”, in 2014 he served as a naval officer at the UNIFIL headquarters in Naqoura (Lebanon), where he was awarded the UN Peacekeeping Medal and the Italian Commemorative Cross for Peacekeeping Operations.

Even today, he still plays rugby as a flanker in the Monza Rugby Club Over-35 team. He gives speeches about issues such as transatlantic relations, security in the Middle East, structural changes in the international political system, globalisation and international relations.

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