Vito Mancuso

We like thinkers who always strive to look at the other side of the coin. One of them is Vito Mancuso, which is why Elastica is making available for festivals and cultural activities, promoted by public and private institutions, his seminar “Amore sacro, amor profano”.

The aim of this series of meetings is to analyse the concept of ‘love’ drawing from various subject areas (poetry, mythology, physics, chemistry, religion). The result is an opportunity to reflect on the philosophy of Love. The structure of discourse in Vito Mancuso’s case revolves around three questions: What is love? How to experience it? What is its message?

The format involves eight hours of lectures divided into three days, also suitable for a large audience. Moreover the event includes two extra hours of lectio open to the public, about the topic discussed in more general terms.

Vito Mancuso is a theologian who has lectured on modern and contemporary Theology at the Faculty of Philosophy of San Raffaele University in Milan from 2004 to 2011, then on History of Theological Doctrines at Padua University. His writings have been greatly appreciated by a large audience, especially L’anima e il suo destino [The Soul and its Destiny], Io e Dio. Una guida dei perplessi [I and God. A Guide for the Perplexed], Il principio passione. La forza che ci spinge ad amare [The Passion Principle. The Strength that Pushes Us to Love], three bestsellers which have sold over one hundred thousand copies with translations in other languages and outstanding reviews in the press, on the radio and television. His theories are the subject of debate and discussions because they are not always in line with those of ecclesiastical hierarchies, as regards both ethics and dogma strictly speaking. Since 2009 he has been an editorialist for the newspaper “La Repubblica”. His last book : La via della bellezza (Garzanti).

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