Virginia Stagni

A Business Development Manager and FT Talent Director for Financial Times, Valentina Stagni is the first Italian to win the Europe Grand Prize Winner award.

Born in 1993, with a BSc from Bocconi University and MSc in Media & Communications from London School of Economics, Virginia Stagni is the youngest manager of Financial Times in its over 130 year history, playing a central role in the English magazine’s strategic growth. A key figure in keeping Financial Times one of the most innovative media groups in the marketplace, Stagni oversees developing new business ideas and opportunities for growth that reflect FT’s sustainable business model, with particular attention towards future readers, especially women and those under 30, and recruiting young talent to the company.

Stagni is the founder and director of FT Talent Challenge, an innovative hub that attracts hundreds of young students and professionals from diverse backgrounds all over the world. She is also an advisor for the consulting society FT Strategies, which she co-created with the data department. And Stagni doesn’t stop there: she is also CEO and founder of the wellness startup Good Saints, and holds an advisory position for the administration of INMA Europe.

She was selected for the Forbes Italia Under 30 list in 2021, and in 2020 she received the “International Media and News Association (INMA) 30 Under 30” award, for the category of Business Intelligence, recognized as one of the thirty best innovators under thirty in the field of digital media.

Other honors include the 2020 Italia Giovane prize, rewarding Italian excellence in the world at large. Dreamers Who Do: Intrapreneurship and the Future of the News (Bocconi University Press, 2021) is her first book.

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