Valerio Aprea

A versatile actor with a highly personal style that he brings both to the stage and top recent Italian film and TV productions.

Aprea started in the role of scriptwriter for ‘Gli occhi del cuore’ [‘The Eyes of the Heart’] for the cult series ‘Boris,’ and in the subsequent film by the Torre-Ciarrapico-Vendruscolo trio. Other credits include the role of the Latinist in the film saga ‘Smetto quando voglio’ [“I’ll Stop When I Want”] by Sydney Sibilia, which received a nomination for the 2014 David di Donatello awards. For film, he performed in ‘Nessuno mi può giudicare’ [‘Nobody Can Judge Me’] by Massimiliano Bruno; ‘Moglie e marito’ [Husband and Wife] by Simone Godano; ‘La profezia dell’armadillo’ [Armadillo Prophecy] by Emanuele Scaringi; ‘Figli’ [Children] by Mattia Torre, directed by Giuseppe Bonito. His long collaboration with Torre continued in theatre: from his first monologue ‘In mezzo al mare’ [‘At Sea’] in 2003, through ‘Gola e altri pezzi brevi’ [Throat and Other Short Pieces] in 2012, to ‘Qui e ora’ [Here and Now] in 2013.

He has been a cast-member of Propaganda Live on La7 since 2020, with his widely-followed monologues written first by Torre and then by Marco Dambrosio—known as Makkox. He has been one of the protagonists of the Sky Original TV series ‘A casa tutti bene’ [At Home Everyone’s Fine] by Gabriele Muccino since 2021, receiving a nomination for the 2022 Silver Ribbons.

His reading of Per due gocce [For Two Drops], the collected monologues written for him by Makkox in Propaganda, performed live with a special cartoon created for the occasion. The show is a journey through the human landscape, social landscape, and all the other landscapes that shape our everyday lives, meditating on the eternal bogeyman of climate change as well as change in general and what hinders it.

A questo poi ci pensiamo [We’ll Think About That Later], Mattia Torre’s last book, describes the pair’s working relationship and friendship, through a collection of narrative shots, readings, stories, and of course the unmistakable perspective of the world.

Gola e altri pezzi brevi [Throat and Other Short Pieces] is a show featuring Torre’s monologues with music by Giuliano Taviani and Carmelo Travia composed for Figli, the director’s last film. The solo performance is both ruthless and hilarious, capturing a country at the mercy of atavistic hunger, and unfailingly devoted to deception, lies, and the pursuit of unfettered, delirious luxury.

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