Stefano Massini

One of his plays has been translated into 27 languages and staged on Broadway as well as London’s West End by the Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes.  His plays have been performed in more theatres around the world than any other living Italian writer. 

He was born in Florence in 1975, and is a writer, screenwriter and playwright.  He has been called “the most popular storyteller of the moment”, and his narrative paintings touch people’s hearts and minds, thanks to a unique style which blends events, themes, historical figures, modern myths, and current affairs with human states of mind.  He uses narration as a key that helps him unlock and connect stories, recreating them from very different materials, as can be seen in his extremely popular contributions to the TV show Piazzapulita, broadcast on Thursday evenings on LA7, as well as in his columns for La Repubblica, his novels, his essays and his plays which have been stages all over the world. 

His novel Qualcosa sui Lehman (Mondadori) was one of the most highly acclaimed novels of the last few years and won multiple awards (the Premio Selezione Campiello, the SuperMondello prize, the De Sica prize, the Prix Médicis Essai, and the Prix Meilleur Livre Étranger). His latest book is Manuale di Sopravvivenza (Il Mulino).

In 2022, in addition to winning both the Drama League Award and the Outer Critics Circle Award, he won the Tony Award, the most important American award for theater, with his work “The Lehman Trilogy”.

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