His skill in interpreting the internet needs of the Italians have made him one of the most famous information science popularisers, or Italy’s so-called king of tech-experts. He is the sole owner of Aranzulla Srl, his successful website which has answers to more than 7,000 questions, and which is appreciated for both the quantity and quality of its content.

Salvatore Aranzulla is the most famous Italian information science populariser and the founder of As a market leader in the Computer News sector, is one of the 30 most-visited websites in Italy: every day 600,000 people visit to find a solution to their technological problems, reading one of the 8,500 step-by-step guides. started as a blog in 2002. Over the following years, its growth in terms of visitors has made its founder, Salvatore Aranzulla, one of the most well-known figures on the Italian internet.

As an information science populariser, Salvatore wrote a column entitled Tecnologia on the website from 2008 to 2015. Since 2016, has contributed to the traffic of the newspaper Il Messaggero.

Salvatore Aranzulla has written several books on information technology, IT security and online business published by Mondadori, with sales of more than 15,000 copies. His latest book “Metodo Aranzulla”, published by Mondadori, focuses on the steps that enabled him to transform from an amateur website into a business, and sums up the working method used by Salvatore Aranzulla to create an online business.

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