Riccardo Iacona

Reporter, author and television host: he is considered one of the most authoritative voices in Italian investigative journalism.

Born in Rome, he graduated in performing arts at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Bologna University and started working as assistant director. At the end of the 1980s he started working for national television at Rai Tre.
He began with Andrea Barbato’ Scenario and Duello, then started working with Michele Santoro on Samarcanda, Il Rosso e il nero and Temporeale.
He left Rai and followed Santoro to ItaliaUno; he is the author, with Ruotolo and Formigli, of the programmes Moby Dick and Moby’s. In 1999 he returned to State television, also with Michele Santoro, and worked on the two projects Circus and Sciuscià.
He is the author and director of reports investigating Italy in its multi-faceted sides, using a clear-cut and sincere approach.
The series “Italiani”, with W gli Sposi, W il Mercato, and W la Ricerca, won the challenge for outstanding prime time TV reporting, as well as numerous awards, including the Ilaria Alpi and Flajano Awards.
Since 2009 he has been the author and host of “Presadiretta”, the investigative journalism program which for six years now has been broadcast on Sunday evening on Rai 3, alternating with Report.
Over the past few years he has contributed to the nationwide debate on violence against women and femicide, more specifically dealing with a universe which is as large as it is impenetrable, namely prostitution and its “consumers”. He has focused on these issues in his last two books: Se questi sono gli uomini [If these are men] (Chiarelettere 2012) and Utilizzatori finali [Final users] (Chiarelettere 2014).
As a journalist, he is called upon to discuss the numerous topics tackled in his reports: from environmental issues to sustainable economy, from the institutional and economic reforms on the Italian political agenda to the new social scenarios created by migration flows. A skilful narrator  because of his ability to analyse and provide detailed accounts.

For information and contacts: contact-iacona@elastica.eu