Michele Dalai

He is an expert sports writer who has published four novels, as well as writing for some of the main Italian national newspapers and presenting documentaries on DMAX, Fox Sports and Rai, and presenting sports shows on the radio. Since 2018 he has edited the medical and scientific blog Medical Facts, together with Roberto Burioni.

Michele Dalai (who was born in Milan on 15 May 1973) is an author, television writer and television and radio presenter. He has published the novels Le più strepitose cadute della mia vita (2011), La lentezza della luce (2017) and the pamphlet Contro il Tiqui Taca (2013) for Mondadori, and the novel Onora il babbuino (2015) for Feltrinelli. He has written regular columns for Repubblica and SportWeek, and written for La Stampa, l’Unità, the Italian edition of GQ, Undici and Buckets. He has worked as a television writer on programmes such as “Il grande cocomero” on Rai 2, and as a pundit on sports talk shows “Tiki Taka – Il calcio è il nostro gioco” on Italia 1 and “Il processo del lunedì” on Rai 3, as well as presenting sports documentaries such as “Football Hooligans” on DMAX, “Due di Uno” on Fox Sports and “Il vecchio e il Tour” on Rai 2 (which was later turned into a theatre show). Dalai is also a radio presenter: in particular, from 2015 to 2018 he presented the programme “Ettore” on Rai Radio 2 and created and narrated the podcast “FRED” for Audible. In 2018, together with Roberto Burioni, he founded the medical and scientific blog “Medical Facts”.

Since 2021 he has been president of Zebre, an Italian 15-a-side rugby franchise.

For information and contacts: contact-dalai@elastica.eu