Michela Ponzani

She is a historian, writer and TV presenter. She is the writer and face of the RAI 3 programme La mia passione and Il Tempo e la Storia, broadcast on RAI Storia.

She graduated with an honours degree in arts from Rome’s Sapienza University, and completed her research doctorate on “Historical studies for the modern and contemporary age” at the University of Florence.
She was awarded a grant by the Luigi Einaudi Foundation of Turin (Manon Michels Einaudi for “Studies of the political cultures of the 20th century”), and has worked as a consultant for the Senate Historical Archive, as well as collaborating for years with the German historical institute in Rome. She formed part of a research group of the joint Italian-German historical commission.
From 2016 to 2017, she was the presenter of the daily programme for historical popularisation and in-depth study, “Il Tempo e la Storia”, broadcast on RAI 3 and RAI Storia.
She is currently the presenter and writer of the television programme “La mia passione”, broadcast during the later evening slot on RAI 3, and the television programme “Misteri d’archivio”, broadcast during the primetime evening slot on RAI Storia.
She has written numerous essays and studies on the Resistance and Republican Italy, including her latest publication “Sesso forte. Donne ribelli, coraggiose, passionali nella storia di Roma”, Rizzoli, 2017.
Michela Ponzani is available for speeches about themes regarding the history of the Italian Republic and the role of women during that era.

For information and contacts: contact-ponzani@elastica.eu