Mia Canestrini

A zoologist specializing in animal biodiversity conservation, she has been dedicated to wolf conservation for over fifteen years, protecting the most iconic species in the wild.

On the tracks of wolves since her university days when she studied Natural Sciences in Bologna, Mia Canestrini is now an established “wolfologist”, among the leading Italian experts on wolves and wildlife. The technical coordinator for national wolf monitoring, Canestrini teaches at the Master’s in Administration and Management of Wildlife at the University Ca ‘Foscari of Venice and the Master’s in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Padua. She is also active in popular education: she wrote the book La ragazza dei lupi [Wolf Girl] (Piemme, 2019), holds conferences and seminars throughout Italy on the biology of dogs and wolves and their relationship with humans, and is a regular media presence.

Canestrini has written for National Geographic, Donna Moderna, Marie Claire, and Touring Club, and designed the weekly planner “Sei una bestia” (You are a beast) for the Smemoranda agenda company, which was made a signature of their 2021/2022 edition.

Today she leads the series “La bella e le bestie” [“Beauty and the Beasts”] for the program 105 Friends on Radio 105, is featured on Geo (Rai Tre) with the column “Buone notizie dalla Natura”, and co-hosts La banda dei fuoriclasse on Rai Gulp and Il Provinciale on Rai Due.

For information and contact: contact-canestrini@elastica.eu