Everybody knows him as a presenter, commentator and television writer (“Domenica Sportiva”, “Pressing”, “Il processo del lunedì”, and above all “Quelli che il calcio”, his most famous creation) but he has also had a professional career that has made him one of the most appreciated Italian journalists, not only in the field of sports.

He has followed ten Olympics and ten football World Cups (as well as hundreds of other events).  He has also directed “Guerin Sportivo”, the sports newspapers of Mediaset and RAI, and founded “Calcio 2000”.  In addition, he is also viewed as a music “historian”, starting with the Sanremo Festival where he has been on the jury several times and also selected some of the songs for the competition. This talent, together with his skill as a storyteller, means that he is a frequent guest on some of the most important Italian talk shows (“La vita in diretta”, “Porta a porta”, and “Uno Mattina”, etc).

He was the editor of the Treccani Sport Encyclopedia, and led the team that founded “Radio 24”.  He was the Editorial Director of RCS Multimedia. Recently he has written and acted in two theatre shows dedicated to the evolution of Italy after the Second World War (one of which focuses on the history of the bicycle).

When he finally joined Facebook two years ago, it was a huge media success.  So much so that his thoughts have been published in two books (“Bar Toletti – Così ho sfidato Facebook” and “Bar Toletti 2 – Così ho digerito Facebook”).  Many of the presentations for these books turned into genuine narrative events, with storytelling and emotions.

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