Makkox – Marco Dambrosio

Marco Dambrosio, from Gaeta, was born in 1965. He is a comic book and cartoon designer, and TV writer.

Before 2007 he had yet to publish anything and worked in advertising for GDO. That year, however, he opened the blog where he regularly posts short comic strip stories and cartoons.  It became popular online and caught the attention of several publishers. He then went on to publish a couple of books and collaborate with magazines.  Then he started producing daily cartoons and funny stories about current affairs (regarding politics and other events), for the news blog These cartoons were later collected into two books: “Post Coitum” and “Full Monti”.

Although he certainly does not view himself as a “satire author”, and particularly not a political satire writer, that is what he has become most well-known for.  He was not especially bothered about clearing up this misinterpretation, since TV opportunities opened up for him, specifically as an author of political satire. His most well-known work has been five series as a writer for the political satire programme Gazebo, which is broadcast on RAI 3, for which he is also present in the studio as a designer of live political satire cartoons and comic strips. At the moment, once more with the group from Gazebo, he is involved in the political satire programme Propaganda Live which is broadcast on La7. He occasionally collaborates with several magazines for the creation of covers or political satire cartoons. His cartoon designs are also available on the newspapers Il Foglio and L’Espresso.

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